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Hello, adventurers and digital nomads! 

My Name Sulwa and welcome to Roadbux.com, and I invite you to join me on a whirlwind journey through the captivating intersection of travel and freelancing.

Currently, I am a government employee, practitioner, and researcher in the field of information technology with a Master’s degree in Technology Management (M.MT). My job requires me to deal with tight schedules, necessitating me to commute to the office every day at 6:00 in the morning. Passing through thick smoke from vehicle emission and the typical traffic congestion of densely populated cities in Southeast Asia, I travel a distance of 50 km daily just to get to the office by motorcycle. While Some people think working in the government is quite cool and prestigious, I personally feel it doesn’t suit me.


In reflection, I began to realize that I enjoy living a life of freedom through adventure and challenges. Since I can remember, the spirit of adventure has burned within me. Time and again, I’ve felt the call to explore this world further, to discover untouched places, and to revel in the beauty presented by the diversity of cultures, nature, and humanity. Therefore, becoming a traveler is my answer. I can satisfy my desire to discover new experiences through enjoyable travel adventures.


However, I also recognize that adventure requires sustenance. I realize that my current job doesn’t allow me to become a full-time traveler; hence, I had to choose the path of a freelancer. With my laptop as my primary weapon, I can undertake various creative projects from all corners of the world. From crafting inspiring articles to designing captivating graphics, I believe that being a freelancer can give me the freedom to pursue my dreams and interests wherever I may be.


I want to kickstart my adventure in 2024 through the blog Roadbux.com. will document all my experiences and learning processes to become a traveler and freelancer through this blog. From how I travel to other countries, seek hidden gem locations, earn money online, create training ebooks, and much more, I will share it all. I hope every corner of the world I visit will provide fresh inspiration for readers. The grandeur of mountain landscapes, the simplicity of life in remote villages, and the hustle and bustle of metropolitan cities—all of these fuel creativity for you and me. Through this blog, I hope to channel the spirit and beauty I’ve found along my journey to all of you.


So, whether you’re a globetrotter, a freelancer seeking inspiration, or even just an admirer of adventure from afar, I invite you to join in on this journey. Let’s share stories, inspire each other, and discover the wonders of the world together.

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